Master Builders Tenerife

Whether it’s a set of patio doors, some new flooring, or knocking down a wall or two – a home renovat­ion can breathe new life into a home that needs it. Master Builders provide a range of home renovation and refurbishment services, taking your property to new heights. Our team has almost 20 years of experience in home construction and renovation, bringing the latest in classic and contemporary design trends to your home.

Master Builders specialize in refurbishments and extensions, meaning we can completely change the way that your home looks and feels. Our extensions add space and function to your home, allowing you to convert garden space into a new living room, dining room, or kitchen as you see fit. Our illustrious experience in bricklaying makes us Tenerife’s “go to” Construction Company when it comes to extensions. We often build entire houses from the ground up, so extensions are easy for Master Builders

Our speciality is swimming pool installations, as these are the core of our business. Swimming pool installations are understandably common due to the hot Tenerife climate, and customers looking to renovate their homes with a modern swimming pool should look no further than Master Builders. We comply with all the local health and safety regulations, ensuring that your pool is fitted to a high standard.

As well as extensions, we offer bespoke flooring and roofing services for those who wish to change up the décor and façade of their home. Our flooring and roofing installation services ensure that your home is fitted with robust, durable foundations that are both stylish and stable at the same time. The Master Builders team has experience with a variety of styles, materials, and finishes, meaning that we are suitable for the vast majority of home renovation projects.

We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service and project management skills. If you have any special or unusual requests for your home renovation project, we will comply with these requests fully, assuming they are feasible and within your budget. The tailor-made construction and renovation services we provide will be able to realize your vision for your home.

Master Builders is based in the south of Tenerife, though we offer our services to most of the island depending on the project at hand’s scale. Our helpful staff speaks a combination of English, Spanish, and German, making it easier for international customers to communicate their renovation requirements accurately.