bathroom renovation tenerife build

We undertake numerous bathroom renovations in Tenerife, solidifying our reputation as one of Tenerife’s top bathroom and home renovators. We can modify your bathroom or completely overhaul it from the ground up, depending on your preferences and desires.

Our contemporary and well-equipped bathroom designs mean that your bathroom will be safe, watertight, stylish, and convenient. We can fit bespoke showers, baths, basins, toilets, taps, and more. We can also provide water-resistant floorings such as wooden laminate flooring which can be easily cleaned and dried following any water spillages or splashes.

Master Builders’ chic and modern color schemes, featuring colors such as white and pastels, will make your bathroom feel contemporary and stylish, encouraging classy décor and appliances. Our bathroom renovations are completely suited to your personal tastes as well as the limitations of your existing bathroom, and all of our team are fully-trained in all the necessary plumbing processes required.