If you are considering a career in construction you may want to think twice construction jobs are in very short supply. The unemployment for construction related jobs is very high and many of this jobs have gone down in value, because many of these jobs were and are going to undocumented workers. If you still want to pursue a career in the construction industry, you should consider formal training at a trade school and preferably in a trade that requires substantial time to learn.

construction skills

Some skills are in demand regardless of the state of the economy for example, air condition, heating and plumbing are not dependent on new construction. These are construction jobs, but they are also service jobs. A couple of years of training in air conditioning and heating is often enough to start a new job with an air conditioning and heating company. The time spent in these programs also means, that you take a break from a weak economy and when you are done will come back ready to work in a better economic climate. Two year programs are not necessary, but programs that necessarily require two years of training are likely to pay off in the long run. The harder it is to enter a particular trade or profession, the less likely the demand for these positions will be met. Associations and unions after make it more difficult for new people to enter their particular field and set up high standards that will in fact improve the quality of the services, but also increase the cost of entry and the cost to consumers. This in turn benefits those who can stick it out and those that are in the profession.

If you have the skill and experience, then a service oriented job would be an alternative to finding jobs in new construction. There are many opportunities to become self employed as a handyman or for small home improvement projects. Many states allow contracting for repairs for projects that can be done in 2 days or less without any type of a construction license.

Home improvement and home renovation as well as home repairs are not depending on new construction. Major expenses such as additions are more likely to be affected by a weak economy, but many home improvement projects as well as home repair projects are not affected much. If home owner has windows needing to be replaced, chances are they will replace them.

A weak economy and poor lending practices have led to a significant increase in foreclosures. As result homes are often abandoned and thieves often gut these homes out of copper wiring and plumbing, doing significant damage in the process. Some are vandalized while vacant and some are occupied and destroyed by teens and young adults using them as party houses. Banks, lenders, and real estate investors are also likely to do home renovations prior to selling a house, or renting a house. This increased number of foreclosures often means opportunities for skilled construction workers. These are not new construction jobs, but they still require the same skill and know how to renovate these homes and in fact present a lot of opportunity in home improvement and repair for skilled construction workers.

Construction jobs are available, but are small in number and only a few can and have obtained these jobs, but most are struggling to keep their jobs, but nontraditional construction jobs in service oriented business are presenting opportunities for those with skills.