Home remodeling plans should start with a consideration for saving energy costs.  The climate of the United Kingdom and many other places in the Northern Hemisphere is very difficult in the winter months – affording many energy savings opportunities for those with home remodeling plans. It is truly remarkable to see just how much the cost of fuel and electricity goes up in the winter months in some areas of the world.

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For the purpose of this article, we will consider home remodeling opportunities in the United Kingdom.  There is a ton of information available through the UK government – they even offer grants to help homeowners with their central heating, loft insulation or wall insulation projects (see the Government Grants UK website for more information). Owners of buildings and tenants in buildings will find that they can receive a 40% to 70% government subsidy for some insulation projects, to ensure that such measures are incorporated into their building or home remodeling plans.

On the Government’s Energy Saving Trust website they offer a search tool to help homeowners find grants being promoted in their residential area.  By searching, one will see a list of vendors, discounts and subsidies that can avail themselves of and incorporate into their home remodeling plans.

Often, people do not realize just how much money something like proper wall insulation can save them. If they knew, they would get busy with their home remodeling plans right away!  Research shows that 35% of the heat in a home escapes through walls and 25% through the roof.

Early home remodeling plans often included boiler replacements as newer ones were produced staking great energy saving claims, but in reality they are not as effective as insulation!  Their newer controls on the newer models certainly help a bit, but usually only about 17%.

There are several tips we could mention here for helping to also control gas and electricity costs, but for some situations, the results of such information can be misleading.  Obviously, poorly insulated home located in very severe climates will show more drastic savings opportunities that better insulated homes in less severe climates.  The common factor here is insulation.  Additionally, the energy savings available will also depend on the size of the house and just how much savings is desired.  Grants and discounts for loft and wall insulation typically start at around £ 199.

As long as one is making any home remodeling plans, they should be sure to also replace light bulbs with energy saving ones.   The average cost of an energy saver light bulb is £ 2 but such a bulb can save £ 45 before needing to be replaced!  This is because these special bulbs use 80% less energy, giving them a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

When making home remodeling plans, it is also helpful to shop around for the best pricing with local utility providers.  Some offer lower rates if bound by a term contract whereas others may provide discounted rates if allowed to bill via automated credit or debit card crediting. Of course, regardless of the program chosen, we should all remember to turn lights and power consuming appliances off when not in use.  Even left in “stand-by” mode, items can continue to waste energy.  By being just a little more thoughtful, we can all save a great deal of money with these simple home remodeling plans that would otherwise be wasted on excess energy each year.