The price will vary, depending on the size of heat pump you need. Make sure and fill out the sizing request form (#2) and we will price the heat pump that will fit your application. Generally, a heat pump will be paid for within the first few years in just operational cost.
4) What is the operational cost?

A heat pump will operate at approximately 1/5 the cost of LP/Propane Gas and about 1/3 the cost of Natural Gas.
EX: An average 450 sq. ft. pool, windbreak with cover located in southern Florida at 85 F.
Our Heat Pump cost is €247 per year, .67 cents a day average. LP/Propane Gas is €1,237 per year €3.39 per day average and Natural Gas is €758 per year, €2.08 per day average. As you can see, it wouldn’t take long to pay for a heat pump in just operational cost.
5) Why should I choose your heat pumps?


Heat Pumps Unlimited has been in business since 1981.
We use the safe and clean refrigerant 410A, all others still use the old R-22, which will be phased our within the next couple of years.
We use all quality parts, you may have heard of some of these names such as: Honeywell Thermostat, Dayton Fan Motors, Packless Industry water coil, Heat Craft air coil, just to name a few.
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6) What is the warranty?

Heat Pumps Unlimited offers 3 different 10 year limited warranties: Good, Better and Best to fit all of your warranty requirements.
The Good product line, BASE models come with 1 year parts and labor 100% coverage, years two through ten, all parts covered 50%.
The Better product line, STANDARD models come with a 1 year parts and labor 100% coverage, compressor 100% coverage for years two through five, and 50% coverage on all internal parts years two through ten.
The Best product line, ULTRA comes with a 5 year parts and labor 100% coverage, years six through ten 50% coverage on all internal parts.
Warranties applicable for Spainish owners only.
7) Statistics to know

Only 1 in every 200 units ever need a service call.
Our heat pumps are the easiest to service due to the design, resulting in lower service cost.