Construction jobs offer a wide variety of opportunities and you will more than likely find a job in construction that is suited to your skill set. As construction projects continue to increase in size, budget, and technology, there is an increased demand for skilled workers to make sure each project is completed according to the owners specifications and desires. Construction industry gains in the U.S. fell just short of $500 Billion in 2013 alone. What does this mean for construction workers? well, it likely means that there is an abundance of job openings available to those skilled enough to fill them.

So what is a construction worker?

construction worker

A construction worker can be any kind of professional, skilled or unskilled worker that contributes to the construction of a project. They may be workers on a residential or commercial project, a worker on road or bridge construction, demolition workers, and excavation workers, to name a few. Construction workers tend to be good with their hands and are capable of envisioning the details of a finished product even before the design phase. Construction workers are talented at being meticulous towards construction detail. One of the most important aspects of being a construction worker is holding the safety of themselves as well as their coworkers in high regard. An unsafe construction worker can be a dangerous liability for the contracting company and for others working alongside them.

Required Skills

Most successful construction workers have a degree or certification from a trade school that causes them to fall on the higher-payed spectrum of their profession. However, for the majority of construction jobs it is not necessary to achieve anything beyond a high school diploma or equivalent level of education.

Construction workers should be competent enough to be on time and present when needed, and capable enough to finish the projects that they will be required to do by the contracting company.

Job Hours

Construction companies rely on their employees to complete a project within the requirements of the job specifications. Meeting a deadline may require construction workers to go for long hours in sometimes uncomfortable conditions. Different types of construction may call for different hours of operation. Many outdoor projects must halt during the winter months and then resume once the weather conditions are safe again. Indoor projects usually do not stop until delivery, and road construction may only operate after sunset. It really all depends on the project.