reparation facade tenerife build

We are the market leader when it comes to facade reparation. Though archaic and old-fashioned building facades may be an important aesthetic feature of a building, they can quickly become aged and damaged, requiring a reparation that ensures the facade’s stability whilst preserving its aesthetic and stylistic qualities nonetheless.

Master Builders effectively assess your facade’s structural integrity and characteristics, developing a bespoke plan that aims to return your facade to its former glory and strengthen its integrity. We utilize modern methods and processes to bond aging masonry units back together and ensure their stability once again.

After we complete our facade reparation, we conduct thorough evaluations to ensure that our work has been successful and that your facade is once again stable and secure. Falling stonework can be very dangerous, and it is important to ensure that your building looks good without presenting any dangers to you, your neighbors, and any passersby.