Swimming Pool Heating & Pumps

Have you ever looked out in winter and wanted to use your pool? Perhaps you want to lower the cost of heating your pool?


There are many solutions for swimming pool heating.

Before choosing a heating appliance, it is best to have a trained professional perform a thermal study.  We will look at the level of sun exposure, wind exposure, the size of the tank, from this we can calculate the right product needed to effectively heat your pool.  We have a range of options to keep your water a comfortable temperature with our specialised pumps and heating systems. Perhaps you require rapid heat for certain time periods, or a pool which is at a consistent temperature. We can provide both. The aim is to have a pool which is comfortable and you can use often and to lower your operating costs for the pool.

Electric element

Electric elements work in the same way as a kettle. There is a lower installation cost to setting these ups and they provide a large amount of power to increase the temperature of the pool.

Gas heater

Gas heating gives the owner flexibility to use the gas for other purposes. It can be used in addition to solar heating for in the night for example.

At Master Builders we have a range of options available and will install the one which makes the most sense for you situation.